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Submarine Sounds and Images 
Updated 9 November 2005


SubGuru's 'Miscellaneous Countries' Subs Screensaver Images (29 MByte)


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Real-world Underwater Sounds



The BBC's Guide to Submarine Combat

Sub Guru's Rules of the Sub-Nautical Road

1. Always signal before turning.


Soviet Victor II that tried sneaking into the Med by following close behind a merchant ship

2. Do not tailgate.

3. A "Close Trail" is not advised when the other sub has a towed array.

4. Do not play chicken with surface ships.
USS Voge : 1 -- Russian Echo II : 0
5. Never, ever surface when beneath an aircraft carrier!

6. Do NOT feed the bears

The Royal Australian Navy Skyhawk, being an all-purpose aircraft, was the subject of a 1970s experimental sea trial of an A-4 on board a Royal Australian Navy submarine. There was no objection from the aviators to operating the Skyhawk from the somewhat limited deck space of the submarine. However, the experiment was abandoned when the submarine's CO objected to the jet blast burning the paintwork off the sail.

The United States, however, continued to fund research on the project: