Red Storm Rising After Action Report

Mission #2

"Holddown Exercise"

USS Reuben James is four days out of Norfolk en route to the Delaware Bay, where she will escort a convoy across the Atlantic. You are about to encounter
a Soviet diesel submarine. Per standard operating procedures, you are to conduct a hold-down exercise: Hold on to the sub like a bulldog until the Soviet
submarine admits defeat by surfacing. The objective of this exercise is to break the submarine commander's confidence in his vessel, his crew, and himself.

It's a beautiful day in the North Atlantic, with not a ship on the horizon.

But, that doesn't mean there aren't sharks in the water!

Our Sonar Supervisor gets a whiff of something on the towed array.

The sonar contact is a possible submarine. Man battle stations!

Reuben James lights-off her active sonar, but nothing is returned.

Even though it's peacetime, let's be safe and stream the NIXIE torpedo decoy, just in case the sub driver has itchy fingers.

We turn to close the range to the Soviet sub . . .

. . . and soon pick her up on active sonar.

Sonar Supervisor classifies the sub as a Foxtrot-class diesel boat.

The Foxtrot isn't the newest sub in the Soviet inventory, but can still be dangerous.

This one is running at periscope depth.

Our surface search radar gets a hit.

Reuben James bears down on the Russkie sub . . .

and quickly closes the distance to the Foxtrot.

Our alert lookout gets a visual on the sub.

The Foxtrot goes "sinker" . . .

. . . maneuvers violently . . .

. . . and attempts to escape at high speed.

Reuben James sticks to the Foxtrot like a tick on a dog.

We're practically right on top of the sub. If we were to drop anchor, we might hit it!

Her battery nearly drained, the Foxtrot comes back to periscope depth.

What she sees isn't encouraging!

The chase is almost over.

Our lookout gets a good view of the Foxtrot surfacing.

"How are we going to explain this to Moscow?"

Admiral Gorshkov will not be happy.

Mission Accomplished!